Street Scenes Shoreditch

April 18, 2012

Last Saturday, metres from shiny Shoreditch station, another Street Scenes welcomed all and everyone to mingle for the sake of public life.

Light entertainments kept the throng amused for hours. Here are the highlights.

Thousands upon thousands of Lego pieces, scattered on a large table, set up to welcome passers-by.

A boyhood’s favourite fiddling figures, shared for the Saturday night crowd. Overgrown kids all over.

A happy hair-dresser, waiting for pedestrians with hair to be halved. Carrying a little plastic stall, red cloth and cutting tools, she gave anyone a trim, happy as you like.

Over the way, three eccentric ladies offered a blind, food-tasting adventure.

First, a thick scarf placed to shield the eyes from the surprise.

Then, a grape, followed by a spoon of chocolate sludge, chased by pickled onion, before a small square of cheese, custard tart, gherkins, more, mixed, by the mouthful.

“It’s the feeling of a dazzling Jackson Pollock in the mouth”, gobbled one grinning recipient.

Elsewhere, that ir/regular face-stylist Artie was on hand with his paints. This time he sought to find the inner spirit and auras of visitors.

Once he’d found it, he delivered a delicate transfer to lift the recipient’s look. Some found him and his designs a little too honest on the night, but most were moved by his touch.

Hundreds of people passed through this very busy Street Scenes. Were you one? Did you experience anything unusual or remarkable that night? Please send in your reports, photos, quotes and conundrums.

Street Scenes goes from strength to strength. We are looking for more friendly entertainers to make the street an inviting place at our get-togethers. The street loves it, the people love it, and so will you. Give us a hoot if you’ll join us in the coming months.

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