Help us make Street Scenes bigger

We are a small volunteer-run charity by people who love the streets and strangers.

Over the years, we’ve seen how much fun and connection happens when we organise meetups on the street. Our cities need these social hubs.

We would love to build the network to make sure there are Street Scenes happening regularly, all over the city. This is a big task but it would transform London into a much friendlier place.

We are looking for donors to give one-off or regular donations to help us make Street Scenes a permanent fixture in London and beyond.

We’ll keep doing what we can as volunteers to bring life and love to the streets but to take it to the next level requires financial support to pay for staff. Bit by bit, with your help, we can make it!

Will you donate for culture on the street?

How do we spend it?

Our charity so far has very limited expenses. Volunteers run all the events and we have some technical costs to run the website.

We are fundraising to hire a part-time member of staff to work on the project.

This person will run more events, reach out to the media, communicate with supporters of the project, and turn the organisation into something that can keep street events coming into the future.

Please donate to transform our streets into friendly cultural hubs»