Happy New Games

Last year the Street Scenes family turned up on pavements across the city, setting up charming events all year round. Mystery phones ringing on the street connecting strangers… tricky drawing challenges… special sensory games…


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Setting up the mystery phones was a nice exercise in playing with unusual toys, on the streets, to see people’s reactions. The old red phones give off a rich and raucous ring which surprises and enchants passers-by.

Their expectations of the streetscape are broken as these mysterious objects call out to them.

The most curious folk pick up the phone and find themselves in an intimate moment with a stranger, who sounds far away, though is really just metres away. It’s an evocative tool that lets people meet each other like never before.

Mystery call

The streets are like a laboratory, a playground, where London’s diverse currents flow and cross. With the right apparatus, we can help those currents swirl together to make whirlpools.

In 2018 we’ll be dreaming up different activities to get people together on the streets.

As always, we invite you to get involved and suggest new ways to bring the streets to life.

If you’re an artist, scientist, gardener or whatever you do, we’ll want to bring the tricks of your trade to the streets to entertain the passing public.

So please get in touch if you have any ideas.

The winding corridors of our city await you!