The lively Street Scenes of London

Street Scenes

Full overview of the Street Scenes plan for this summer season of activities. Find out and get involved!

It’s high summer on Friday evening in the great, big village of London. You want some fun but you want something different. Well I suggest that you head for the streets and simply speak to strangers.

Along with friends, I’ve done this for years. It brings me laughter, surprises and a sense that anyone could be my new friend.

Hundreds of passers-by have embraced the project over the years, so now we’re holding events regularly and building a network of people to help run them. What if little street happenings were so common, you could always count on there being a street somewhere with friendly strangers set up to welcome you? Surely that would make the most of our public space and the marvellous people of this city.

So we’ll be doing it throughout the summer, listing coming events and looking for people to help us put on more.

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